I'm Claire Kavanagh

After 20+ years working in senior marketing positions, I transitioned from my corporate job to becoming a Customer Experience-focused Marketing Consultant seven years ago, embracing the journey from a boss lady to an independent entrepreneur. 


Not my first rodeo

This wasn't my first attempt at self-employment; 15 years ago, I ventured into launching an online business but learned from my mistakes, went back into employment gaining valuable experience to set up my future self for success.

At the time it felt like a failure, having to "go back to getting a job" - but it gave me the valuable skills and experience I needed to successfully start my own business without getting into debt. 


Supporting Business Women

Over the last four years, I've mentored over 300 people, offering insights from my practical marketing and business experience to help them gain confidence, improve their marketing and boost their chances of success.

Why now? 

I've seen patterns during these hundreds of conversations, areas where people are facing similar challenges - a bit of practical guidance at the right time has helped them get unstuck. 

Also, I've seen people really struggling financially - either because the current version of their idea/product isn't commercially viable, or they don't have the financial resources to keep their bills covered while their business gets going. I wish they'd had advice sooner to pause and reassess. 



I'm on a mission to give fledgling entrepreneurs the practical tools & advice they need to reduce overwhelm, increase confidence & reduce financial risk. 

I want to be the voice of reason, forcing people to pause:

  • Check if their idea is commercially ready.
  • Check if¬†they're financially ready.
  • Check if they have the skills and grit, to keep going when it gets hard.¬†

I've developed programs to assess skills, financial position and drivers to help people understand if self-employment is right for them, right now.

Plus a program to safely test commercial readiness for ideas, and tackle marketing basics to increase the chance of success and reduce financial risk. 

"Claire gave me the confidence to commit to throwing myself into my own business 100%, in a way that felt safe and made sense financially. She was incredibly kind and patient with me as I had never set up a business before and I had lots of questions!"

- Victoria, Education

"Claire has helped me practically apply marketing concepts and strategies to my business, she's able to make seemingly overwhelming 'marketing things' simple to understand."

- Julie, Executive Coach

"This course guided me through the fundamentals I needed to launch a business, giving me the confidence to back myself and my idea".

- Renee, Environmental Science