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Are you ready to explore self-employment / starting your own business?

Completing the free Self-Assessment Quiz. The prompts will allow you to explore areas such as:

Your motivation & goals, your skills & experience, and your financial readiness.

You'll gain insights into your readiness to take the next steps to explore self-employment.

The assessment is quick, easy, and entirely confidential.

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Can I afford to start my own business?   

Find out if you have enough money to start your own business 

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Do I have the skills & experience?

 Discover your unique skills and experience that make you valuable.

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When should I start my own business?

Work out a plan to launch, reducing the risk of getting into debt

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Can I afford to start my own business?

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I'm Claire Kavanagh


Self-employment isn't right for everyone, right now.

I quit my job twice.

The first time, wasn't the right time. I learned from my mistakes and shifted direction to gain valuable experience to set up my future self for success.

Seven years ago, I became a Customer Experience-focused Marketing Consultant, embracing the journey from boss-lady to independent entrepreneur. 

As a business mentor over the last 4 years, I have spoken to hundreds of businesses. In that time, I've discovered that without guardrails, checks, and proper execution, venturing into a Startup can put an individuals finances at risk.

I'm on a mission - I am creating assessment tools and processes for people before they leap into self-employment - so they can assess if it's right for them and if now is the right time.

And for business owners, offering insights from my practical marketing and business experience to help boost their chances of success. Through skills, financial, and market assessments. 


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What have Claire's previous mentees & course participants said?

"Claire gave me the confidence to commit to throwing myself into my own business 100%, in a way that felt safe and made sense financially. She was incredibly kind and patient with me as I had never set up a business before and I had lots of questions!"

- Victoria, Education

"Claire has helped me practically apply marketing concepts and strategies to my business, she's able to make seemingly overwhelming 'marketing things' simple to understand."


- Julie, Executive Coach

"This course guided me through the fundamentals I needed to launch a business, giving me the confidence to back myself and my idea."



- Renee, Environmental Science

"After becoming a mum, I was keen to explore leaving the corporate world to own my own time and start a business. I connected with Claire for some 1:1 coaching and advice and I'm so glad I did."


- Rachel, Technology

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